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Player vs Player Gaming Network

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Address Location Description Admin & Homepage Uptime Software Users Games US Kansas City, United States unknown a PvPGN user
0d 16h 27m 0s Windows Server 2016 PvPGN v1. 1 1
59 109 RU Norilsk, Russian Federation unknown a PvPGN user
14d 1h 52m 0s Linux PvPGN v1. 1 1
115 9,622 CA Beauharnois, Canada Diretide Realm PvPGN - Warcraft III Battle.Net Diretide PvPGN
4d 14h 45m 0s Linux PvPGN v1. 1 0
1 0 US Los Angeles, United States unknown a PvPGN user
46d 14h 19m 0s Linux PvPGN v1. 1 1
17 28 GB United Kingdom All Games League server NetCraft(NTC) Admin
0d 13h 32m 0s Linux PvPGN v custom build 1 0
1 0 ID Pekanbaru, Indonesia unknown Zelcova
0d 20h 17m 0s Windows 10 PvPGN v1. 1 0
7 26 SK Bratislava, Slovakia unknown a PvPGN user
58d 9h 34m 0s Linux PvPGN v1. 1 0
4 0 BG Montana, Bulgaria Blackdevil Diablo II Server 1.10-Blackdevil-mod Systems
47d 20h 24m 0s Linux PvPGN vBlackdevil-Pro 1 0
7,729 11,945 NL 's-gravenzande, Netherlands Reborn E-PaiN
25d 15h 51m 0s Linux PvPGN v1. 1 1
159 1,882 BR Sao Paulo, Brazil unknown a PvPGN user
6d 3h 40m 0s Linux PvPGN v1. 0 0
5 4 CN Shanghai, China unknown a PvPGN user
2d 3h 22m 12s Windows 10 PvPGN v1. 0 0
0 0 CN Nanning, China Just a server for my friends motong
166d 23h 49m 0s Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 PvPGN v1.99.7.1-PRO 0 0
0 0 KR Ansan, Korea, Republic of unknown a PvPGN user
0d 13h 30m 0s Windows 10 PvPGN v1. 0 0
0 0 US Boardman, United States A warcraft 2 server. TuPaC
13d 1h 54m 3s Windows Server 2012 R2 PvPGN v1. 0 0
286 187 US Oregon City, United States unknown a PvPGN user
1d 4h 28m 0s Windows 7 SP1 PvPGN v1. 0 0
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How to get listed?

  1. Open up bnetd.conf in a text editor of your choice.
  2. Find the following lines and change as appropriate:
    track = 60
    trackaddrs = ""
    You can change 60 to a number of your own choosing. That's the time in seconds between individual update packets sent from your server to the tracker, containing the necessary information.
  3. The description, location, contact_name and contact_email fields are up to you. However, it would be best if you do not provide false or misleading information.

For further information on how to set up your tracker settings and use enhanced features for location and description (like country icons and supported games icons) please refer to the PvPGN Documentation, section Tracker.

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